Wednesday, July 29, 2009

this chapter of my life is called


yay, say it one more time.
U-N-O !!!

yes. haha, okay how are you guys ??
wondering much about this UNO ? yes you must.

but first,how many of you guys have heard UNO ??
once,twice ? four time ?

what ? 100 times ? OH MAN,that is so cool.
okay, over excited.

uno ? for me ? i always hear it in DORA THE EXPLORER. you know.. the small BOB hair girl who has her own tv show in nicke****** . she always bring her monkey a.k.a Boots. Sometimes i wondering she is Dora or pawang monyet ??
in her TV SHOW, she always count UNO, DOS, TRES ! and she always repeat it,repeat it,over and over again until we all remember that.

hi i'm dora, and i'm boots!

but,here. i ain't talkin' about dora !!
i'm talking about UNO !!!

okay,here we go.

UNO is a card game played by 4 players. you can play it with your family,your friend, etc.
but, not like any other card game, uno has a different way to play with.

At each turn in uno, simply we just have to give out one of our card. You can match the card with a same colour or number with the previous card. If we don't have anything same,we have to draw once. and if we still don't have it, you have to PASS.

for example : last card was number 4 color red.
and you have to give out your NUMBER 4 or RED CARD to play.
see ? it is easy !!

and you can be a winner if you don't have card anymore.
AH YA ! here is the best part, you have to say UNO when you have two remaining cards.
yes. YOU HAVE TO SAY IT ! otherwise you get 2 penalty cards and of course.. it won't be called UNO !

by the way , here are some special cards in uno ( so sorry, i can't find some picture to visualize ) :

draw four wild : it means you can change the colour and automatically you add four cards to a player after you.
it really sucks if we get to much this card. beside we get skipped, our cards are getting more.

but in a real game, I DO LOVE THIS CARD !

the reverse card.

it is being used to reverse to player.
if it is counter-clockwise,it will be clockwise, vice versa.

tips : you better use this card when you don't have a card to play.

one skip card.

its job : SKIP PLAYER. that's it.

and beside those, there are draw four, draw two,and wild card !!


so anyway , for 2-3 days ago, i played uno with my RB guys in facebook.

thank a lot to Bena, Ridu, Presy,tiR, Bamzz,Salma, and ... ( you ! if i forget to put your name)

haha, it was unbelievable game !! haha. i won 3 times in a row against ridu, salma, and presy
and once- i think- against bena , tir and bamzz.

by the way, when i played against bena and tir. actually we also played with other player from Conneticut. his name is Michael ( hello there,mike !).

it was so MUCH FUN. i mean.. since michael is the only one who can't speak indonesia, we chat and talking behind him ! HAHAHAHAA.
here some example we gossiping about him ( gosh, i really forget to print the screen )

Michael : where are you guys come from ? does anyone speak english ?
Bena : me. from Indonesia
pami : me too
tir : me

ya ya ya, keep playing. bena tir and me are chatting with indonesia. talking about the game of course. until something happended.
I gave out the REVERSE card. (usually it was clockwise,since it was became counter-clockwise, so Bena played after Michael)

Michael : (he skipped bena)
Michael : (he draw four bena)
Michael : ( he draw two bena )
and bena finally said : michael lo tu kampret tau ga ya.
bena also said : ketemu gue kentutin lo mike

and me ? i just LAUGH !! haha. ROFL.
maybe bena really despites by michael's card. haha.
and after that, we keep gossiping about Michael and enjoy the game.

oh my gosh, i really love uno.
that's why i will buy UNO card to play with my friend in a real world. not in ONLINE.

let say together !
UNO !!

happy uno-ing :)


p.s : join me at 7-8 pm if you want to play uno against ME !

4 Kicauan:

harunsaurus said...

gw gak ngerti cara main UNO...

dan tetap gak ngerti karena lo nulisnya pake bahasa inggris jadi gw males bacanya :p

salmabudiman said...

hahahahahaha kasian ya orang2 bule yang maen sama kita. desperate semua ga ngerti apa yang kita omongin xD

hiyeee akuuu menang 2 row!!

@harunsaurus : main deh. langsung praktekin. pasti langsung ngerti.. :D

pamii :) said...

haha, harun. perasaan gw pake bahasa inggris yg nyantei bgt

bahasa inggris nya yg ngasal gitu looo.

yu ah kapan2 maen uno !

presy__L said...

mpe malu dah pami.
masa gw kalah mulu..hahaha
untung masih ada ridu.. malunya ga sendirian