Monday, July 27, 2009

lovely pink day

two post in a row ? never mind.

okay, yesterday,without telling me. my sister went to GASIBU. yeah.
i really wanna go there, fyr* i never gone to gasibu for my seventeen years of my life in Bandung.
so, at 5.30 AM i think, she went to gasibu with her BF to buy something. like shoe , bag with really cheap cheap cheap prize...

knowing my sister went there, i called her and said " EH BAWAIN OLEH-OLEH YA ! AWAS KALO ENGGA " haha.

so so so, my sister is so kind to me. she bought me a pair of sandal !! yay, PINK ONE of course. maybe she bought that because she know that i don't have sandal for my daily.
of course , no if no but, i do really like it.

so i decided to wear those NOW !!
my opinion ?
ohh, those are COMFORT. kinda hurt when the accesories touch my foot. but, it is not problemo chicas !

and of course,wearing those sandals, insist me,to wear a clothes with the same color !!!
yay yay yay.

so, my theme clothes for today : LOVELY PINKDAY !!!!!

weavers@Ross pink babydoll ,unbranded manset,Zoya pink veil,unbranded pants, Reebok pink bag, a gift from my sist-pink sandals

please welcome me today,
the pinky girl !
yes,i am back become the pinklady.

by the way in my last post,i told you, i went to school to take my school certificate. BUT unfortunately, the certificate hasn't finished. so, i really waste my time back then.i mean it. I REALLY REALY REALLY waste my time.

but,have a nice day all.
and yeah.
happy pink day !!!!


*fyr=for your record

6 Kicauan:

Anonymous said...

pertamax, gan!

err... no comment deh :p

pamii :) said...

ya elahh. si harus nih,
komen komen ke.

ga biasa liat gw pake pink semua yaa????

Benazio R.P said...

sepertinya gue salah udah kesini . mata gue sakit pam uheuhaeuhaeuhaeuhauehuah

besok2 gue beli koskaki baru gue pamerin juga deh

tiR .o sudiRo. said...

asoy mamenn!

hepi pingdae, pam!
tar, tiap hari gw juga ganti warna dah.. .

pamii :) said...

haha si bena nih,
ayo dong, selain jadi kribo writer , bisa juga tuh jadi kribo FASHION writer..

aku kan fashion blogger jg ben,jadi yg beginian musti.

salmabudiman said...

waw pink pink! xD