Sunday, July 26, 2009

something to write on.

hey you !!
guys, i never been so lazy like this. :anongnangyari:
i mean,really really really really really lazy. maybe i just call this situation as my LAZY TIME.

you all have to know, ever since holiday start after the SNMPTN, i have the same activities to start my day.
began at 5.oo to pray ( oh yes,i do have to this. i still have a lot of request to my Allah )
and then i often go to sleep AGAIN, ya ya ya ( lazy number 1) . wake up at 8-9 am and start to online (lazy number 2). so after that i just keep online from 9 am to whenever i want.

geezz, i didn't realize how lazy i am until now. and you know what ? I WANT TO DO SOMETHING NEW for the last week of holiday.
any idea what should i do first ??

i had told you guys, i recently move my old blog to this blog. so please change my link to

anyway !!!!!!
two days ago, i went to UNJANI to have some psikotest . why ? because i just passed the first test, yay !! please congrat me.

o-m-f-g. i felt so tired after did the test.
start from 8am to 5pm. long long time
first we had some psychometric test. so in here we have to answer all SENTENCES. i mean all 567 but it is easy, nothing to think so hard. for example : Saya suka majalah teknik , and all you have to do just cross the + if it is so you, or cross - if it isn't you.

really easy one.

having done all 567 sentences, please continue with another test.
it was the usual test, like I.S.T,RMIB,FRT, my favorite : DRAW !
for drawing test , there were 3 sub test : 1 . i drew one tree (that i didn't what kind of tree was ) , one man sitting under the tree, and one UGLY HOUSE. oh bloody hell, i drew the house in last minute because too much time when i drew the tree and the man.
2. another tree. ya ya ya, i drew one REALLY BIG TREE . still, i didn't know what kind of tree was. so i just picked random name that came up first on my mind when the instructor told to give the tree a name.
3. another PERSON. gosh, i really can't DRAW actually, but somehow. yesterday,miracle fell down. i drew one boy went to school and one woman as a co-assistant. and THEY WERE NICE !

and the last part of test was PAULI TEST !!!!!
uhuy, this amazing test. that crazy NUMBER, big paper.
in Pauli test we have to add the number and put the result beside the number.
on and on and on. just add the number until the instructor said "LINE" or "TIME IS UP !"
omfg, the paper was A3. can you imagine how big is that ? and it's full with NUMBER ?????

after i had added all number,and the instructor said "time is up ! " (oh gosh,finally) and all psikotes had finished. i went home. and you know what ?
i felt DIZZY:hilo: and for the result : i don't want to see another number for a while.

oh no, until this post was published.
still, i don't wanna see a lot of number.

i hope i can be a part of FK UNJANI. geez i really need this spot. i have to be a doctor.otherwise, i can't be anything *too much drama,huh?*

anyway, today is MONDAY !! yay.
and yes. i have new ACTIVITIES !!
today,i have to school, take my school certificate,accompany my friend to Netherlands Embassy,and the rest of my day i am please to have fun.
oh yes i do.
i really want to have some fun in my last week.

so,have fun guys.
and thank you so much for STICKING TO BLOG.


p.s : h-4 pengumuman SNMPTN. tick tock tick tock.
hope i can pass this one,and enter the FK UNPAD.

2 Kicauan:

shilaw said...

tar gw coba akh belajar jg posting pake bahasa inggris

btw segitu ga tergolong lazy akh
kecuali tidur dari pagi sampe pagi lagi

sukses yha masuk kuliahnya !!

pamii :) said...

haha, oh jadi segitu belum males ?

siap lah,saya malasin lagi.
eh engga ketang,ntr gendut