Wednesday, July 29, 2009

this chapter of my life is called


yay, say it one more time.
U-N-O !!!

yes. haha, okay how are you guys ??
wondering much about this UNO ? yes you must.

but first,how many of you guys have heard UNO ??
once,twice ? four time ?

what ? 100 times ? OH MAN,that is so cool.
okay, over excited.

uno ? for me ? i always hear it in DORA THE EXPLORER. you know.. the small BOB hair girl who has her own tv show in nicke****** . she always bring her monkey a.k.a Boots. Sometimes i wondering she is Dora or pawang monyet ??
in her TV SHOW, she always count UNO, DOS, TRES ! and she always repeat it,repeat it,over and over again until we all remember that.

hi i'm dora, and i'm boots!

but,here. i ain't talkin' about dora !!
i'm talking about UNO !!!

okay,here we go.

UNO is a card game played by 4 players. you can play it with your family,your friend, etc.
but, not like any other card game, uno has a different way to play with.

At each turn in uno, simply we just have to give out one of our card. You can match the card with a same colour or number with the previous card. If we don't have anything same,we have to draw once. and if we still don't have it, you have to PASS.

for example : last card was number 4 color red.
and you have to give out your NUMBER 4 or RED CARD to play.
see ? it is easy !!

and you can be a winner if you don't have card anymore.
AH YA ! here is the best part, you have to say UNO when you have two remaining cards.
yes. YOU HAVE TO SAY IT ! otherwise you get 2 penalty cards and of course.. it won't be called UNO !

by the way , here are some special cards in uno ( so sorry, i can't find some picture to visualize ) :

draw four wild : it means you can change the colour and automatically you add four cards to a player after you.
it really sucks if we get to much this card. beside we get skipped, our cards are getting more.

but in a real game, I DO LOVE THIS CARD !

the reverse card.

it is being used to reverse to player.
if it is counter-clockwise,it will be clockwise, vice versa.

tips : you better use this card when you don't have a card to play.

one skip card.

its job : SKIP PLAYER. that's it.

and beside those, there are draw four, draw two,and wild card !!


so anyway , for 2-3 days ago, i played uno with my RB guys in facebook.

thank a lot to Bena, Ridu, Presy,tiR, Bamzz,Salma, and ... ( you ! if i forget to put your name)

haha, it was unbelievable game !! haha. i won 3 times in a row against ridu, salma, and presy
and once- i think- against bena , tir and bamzz.

by the way, when i played against bena and tir. actually we also played with other player from Conneticut. his name is Michael ( hello there,mike !).

it was so MUCH FUN. i mean.. since michael is the only one who can't speak indonesia, we chat and talking behind him ! HAHAHAHAA.
here some example we gossiping about him ( gosh, i really forget to print the screen )

Michael : where are you guys come from ? does anyone speak english ?
Bena : me. from Indonesia
pami : me too
tir : me

ya ya ya, keep playing. bena tir and me are chatting with indonesia. talking about the game of course. until something happended.
I gave out the REVERSE card. (usually it was clockwise,since it was became counter-clockwise, so Bena played after Michael)

Michael : (he skipped bena)
Michael : (he draw four bena)
Michael : ( he draw two bena )
and bena finally said : michael lo tu kampret tau ga ya.
bena also said : ketemu gue kentutin lo mike

and me ? i just LAUGH !! haha. ROFL.
maybe bena really despites by michael's card. haha.
and after that, we keep gossiping about Michael and enjoy the game.

oh my gosh, i really love uno.
that's why i will buy UNO card to play with my friend in a real world. not in ONLINE.

let say together !
UNO !!

happy uno-ing :)


p.s : join me at 7-8 pm if you want to play uno against ME !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it is so funny !

OMFG! I just climbed out from under my rock and realised I have not updated this since Paris Hilton was in jail... You would not believe I spend all my time in front of a computer. I hope you still love me!.

I am so busy with making meals, sleeping, just generally being Snow White to my friends, my day seems to be a litany of stuff and giggles from 8am to whenever. I am totally exhausted. life is good.

I solemnly swear I will blog more regularly. Seriously! What do you mean you don't believe me?.

from : The lazy bloggers post generator

you all have to try it. it sure FUNNY. haha


Monday, July 27, 2009

lovely pink day

two post in a row ? never mind.

okay, yesterday,without telling me. my sister went to GASIBU. yeah.
i really wanna go there, fyr* i never gone to gasibu for my seventeen years of my life in Bandung.
so, at 5.30 AM i think, she went to gasibu with her BF to buy something. like shoe , bag with really cheap cheap cheap prize...

knowing my sister went there, i called her and said " EH BAWAIN OLEH-OLEH YA ! AWAS KALO ENGGA " haha.

so so so, my sister is so kind to me. she bought me a pair of sandal !! yay, PINK ONE of course. maybe she bought that because she know that i don't have sandal for my daily.
of course , no if no but, i do really like it.

so i decided to wear those NOW !!
my opinion ?
ohh, those are COMFORT. kinda hurt when the accesories touch my foot. but, it is not problemo chicas !

and of course,wearing those sandals, insist me,to wear a clothes with the same color !!!
yay yay yay.

so, my theme clothes for today : LOVELY PINKDAY !!!!!

weavers@Ross pink babydoll ,unbranded manset,Zoya pink veil,unbranded pants, Reebok pink bag, a gift from my sist-pink sandals

please welcome me today,
the pinky girl !
yes,i am back become the pinklady.

by the way in my last post,i told you, i went to school to take my school certificate. BUT unfortunately, the certificate hasn't finished. so, i really waste my time back then.i mean it. I REALLY REALY REALLY waste my time.

but,have a nice day all.
and yeah.
happy pink day !!!!


*fyr=for your record

Sunday, July 26, 2009

something to write on.

hey you !!
guys, i never been so lazy like this. :anongnangyari:
i mean,really really really really really lazy. maybe i just call this situation as my LAZY TIME.

you all have to know, ever since holiday start after the SNMPTN, i have the same activities to start my day.
began at 5.oo to pray ( oh yes,i do have to this. i still have a lot of request to my Allah )
and then i often go to sleep AGAIN, ya ya ya ( lazy number 1) . wake up at 8-9 am and start to online (lazy number 2). so after that i just keep online from 9 am to whenever i want.

geezz, i didn't realize how lazy i am until now. and you know what ? I WANT TO DO SOMETHING NEW for the last week of holiday.
any idea what should i do first ??

i had told you guys, i recently move my old blog to this blog. so please change my link to

anyway !!!!!!
two days ago, i went to UNJANI to have some psikotest . why ? because i just passed the first test, yay !! please congrat me.

o-m-f-g. i felt so tired after did the test.
start from 8am to 5pm. long long time
first we had some psychometric test. so in here we have to answer all SENTENCES. i mean all 567 but it is easy, nothing to think so hard. for example : Saya suka majalah teknik , and all you have to do just cross the + if it is so you, or cross - if it isn't you.

really easy one.

having done all 567 sentences, please continue with another test.
it was the usual test, like I.S.T,RMIB,FRT, my favorite : DRAW !
for drawing test , there were 3 sub test : 1 . i drew one tree (that i didn't what kind of tree was ) , one man sitting under the tree, and one UGLY HOUSE. oh bloody hell, i drew the house in last minute because too much time when i drew the tree and the man.
2. another tree. ya ya ya, i drew one REALLY BIG TREE . still, i didn't know what kind of tree was. so i just picked random name that came up first on my mind when the instructor told to give the tree a name.
3. another PERSON. gosh, i really can't DRAW actually, but somehow. yesterday,miracle fell down. i drew one boy went to school and one woman as a co-assistant. and THEY WERE NICE !

and the last part of test was PAULI TEST !!!!!
uhuy, this amazing test. that crazy NUMBER, big paper.
in Pauli test we have to add the number and put the result beside the number.
on and on and on. just add the number until the instructor said "LINE" or "TIME IS UP !"
omfg, the paper was A3. can you imagine how big is that ? and it's full with NUMBER ?????

after i had added all number,and the instructor said "time is up ! " (oh gosh,finally) and all psikotes had finished. i went home. and you know what ?
i felt DIZZY:hilo: and for the result : i don't want to see another number for a while.

oh no, until this post was published.
still, i don't wanna see a lot of number.

i hope i can be a part of FK UNJANI. geez i really need this spot. i have to be a doctor.otherwise, i can't be anything *too much drama,huh?*

anyway, today is MONDAY !! yay.
and yes. i have new ACTIVITIES !!
today,i have to school, take my school certificate,accompany my friend to Netherlands Embassy,and the rest of my day i am please to have fun.
oh yes i do.
i really want to have some fun in my last week.

so,have fun guys.
and thank you so much for STICKING TO BLOG.


p.s : h-4 pengumuman SNMPTN. tick tock tick tock.
hope i can pass this one,and enter the FK UNPAD.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


okay okay, finally i post something new again.
so today post is about KOPDARIWALK !

*what the heck kopdariwalk mean ?*

okay, kopdariwalk stand for Kopdar ITB-Ciwalk.i know some of friend have posted their own story about kopdar with KOPRUWALK title, but i make it different.

so so so,last sunday pn 19th of july, i went to ITB for Starity Vaganza and "meet the blogger" for the first time !
yups, blogger from RUMAH BLOGGER !
yay ! having waited for long long time, finally i met the RB guys !

arrived at 9.15, i met muthiara shabrina utami or she prefer TIR in fsrd's parking lot and i just said " HAY TIR ! "

la la la, walked to itb's gate and met the other blogger, yay !
nice to meet you : girl with big smile and lovely glasses salma,
the little sipit girl mey,
look like tria changcuters mr.bamzz,
the ITB GUY = gilang,
the tee makers = gha,
hey you big guy! = donat,
the jakarta people : bena,ridu,ninit,presy,erica

and who else ? i remembered meet davit,harun,and........( feel free to write your name if i forget to put you on the list )

so what i'm doing back then ?
lot of thing !

after i had met the blogger in itb, we straight away went to ALBAR ITB .
in starity vaganza we heard some talkshow about blogging from Mr.budi raharjo, mrs. ollie, and my FAVOURITE !! pidi baiq !

oh GOSH !! i just couldn't believe finally met this crazy,unique,nyeleneh writer ! i really like his books, from drunken mollen to drunken mama. wiii, he is so different.
in the talkshow, actually he just said whatever he want about being creative. haha, in the end of the show, he sang his own song written for his boy, timur, called JANGAN TAKUT.

haha, for more about Pidi Baiq just click here

anyway, after starity vaganza, we decided to go to CIWALK !

ya ya ya, we went to gokana teppan, and just chit chat for 1,5 hour !
crazy !!
really crazy people !

so far i love the kopdar, and i DO want to have another kopdar :)

*some photo from my camera,

salma,mey,tres,donat,tir,ME!,gha,gilang,davit,doan,bamz,and 2 guys that i forget their name :(

same guys plus mr.budi raharjo, bena,ridu,ninit,presy,erica ( jakarta people )

p.s : more stories about kopdar,just log in to RB
more photos just click ridu,bena,gha' s photo album,and please COMMENT and LAUGH !


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh no,

"bandung is SO cold and make me so lazy to do anything "

Sunday, July 19, 2009

like i said

" i'm sorry to hear about bomb tragedy in mega kuningan, please God bless you all "

Friday, July 17, 2009

yesterday was cloud,today was BRIGHT !

hello everyone.

oh gosh, i'm so glad because finally i can post again !
hell to the yeah :)

anyway,please congrats me anyone ! because yesterday on 16th of July 2009 was my FINAL TEST for my university exam.
yes, having passed from my high school,i had had several test for FK . after failed in SMUP, i took SNMPTN on1-2 july and yesterday i took USM UNJANI.

have you read my last post ? yes, i'm so desperate now because i think i screwed up unjani's test. for God sake, for the basic capability, its kinda easy ( except indonesia ) but for science capability . DAMN HARD.

so yesterday was cloud for me.

anyway,today i went to my sister's graduation party held by Civil Engineering .
and guess what i wore ?

Leslie Lay @ Ross red-gray dress, Zoya gray veil,Liz Claiborne red bag, unbranded legging,Liz Claiborne wedges

i love the red-gray dress, why ? because it's one piece dress but look like two pieces !

like i told you, this was my outfit for my sis' second graduation party, and
for the third party which are held by ITB, i'm going to wear another dress.

see you on another post :)

and i'm so sorry to hear for J.W Marriott and Ritz Carlton. May God Bless all people who died,amiin.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i said :

"finally, i have passed the basic test for FK UNJANI. just wish me luck, please :) "


" and i just screwed up the second test,yeah SCIENCE CAPABILITY "

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

start NOW !

i think i will stop writing post in my old blog

and start full writing in this blog,so i hope you all re-link my site to this address :)

thank you all.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SEAFOOD time !

new post(again) with the pamiilicious label.

okay,today i had dinner with my friend. i know, i shouldn't have eaten food after 5 pm because of my diet. but today i broke the rules. haha

anyway, after waiting for 1 hour, finally i met my friend.
we had dinner in one place in jalan TBS.
the place called HDL SEAFOOD.
yups, we ate seafood, thanks to mumu,tiara,koji,nisa,naibil who have asked to come with you.

mmm, hdl ?
the place is quite big but very crowded. so if a lot of people eat there, we have to wait about 20 minutes, but RELAX, we can order first before we get a table.

so, we ordered a lot of food ! there are UDANG SAUS PADANG,CUMI ASAM MANIS,and KERANG SAUS TIRAM.

mmm, sound yummy huh ?

lucky guest. it's DELICIOUS !! it is so good for a place that stand in kaki lima :)

i give you some picture so you can imagine the taste of our seafood.

kerang saus tiram

the first food that came to our table. mmm, you can see the picture,can't you ?
it is so delicious...
but it's so hard to open the clam..hehe
you have to pay about 35.000 idr for this beautiful clam. not to expensive right ?

udang saus padang :)

oh yes yes YES ! FYI, i quite don't like a shrimp,but from all 3 food, this is my favorite ! haha.

at first, i thought its so SPICY !! because the name "saus padang".
but guest what ?

it is spicy but it so GOOD ! 2 thumbs up !
if you come to this place, you have to order this food.
you won't REGRET !!

the price ? only 35.000 idr.
expensive ? BUT worth it !

cumi saus tiram

one word : GOOD.

i can't tell a lot because i didn't eat so much.

price : 20.000 idr

kepiting saus tiram.

okay, i came tho HDL with my sister and my mom too.
they ordered this.

and lucky me, i tasted it.

it's so yummy :)

but 80.000 idr for crab ?
quite expansive..

but so far, i like it.

i think, if you come to bandung, don't forget to come to HDL in jalan Taman Cibeunying Selatan near Rumah Nene. HDL operated from 5pm.
you won't regret about the quality and taste of their seafood.

happy EATING you all.

heyhoo ALL !

yes, i'm SO GLAD that i'm back from my hiatus :)

okay,couple days ago, i had my BIGGEST TEST.yups yups yups, SNMPTN or i prefer call it spmb.
my friend said,"pams, describe snmptn in 5 word "
and i'm so proud to say " oh my gosh,DAMN HARD !"

hahahaha,some review about the test.

basic math : what the ?? i don't know what to say .. since i opened the first page, and looked number one. i just can breathe , NO,big NO ! i even don't know how to answer it.
haha, but so far. it goes well.

indonesia and english : OH NOOOO ! welcome text and text and text. no grammer or EYD, mostly text. haha,

in an hour, i have to complete 45 question about basic math,indonesia and english.
and in half and hour, i have to complete 55 questions about TPA ( some kind of SAT )
anyway, in second day, i had sciences test. there are MAT IPA, physic,chemistry,and biology.

haha, don't ask me about the second day. i kinda screw it. hehe

but, i hope i can PASS spmb and become a part of FK UNPAD. amen.

anyway, in this post. proudly present !
new LABELS !!
after fashion stuff, now i give you

haha, weird name huh ?

in pamiilicicous, i'll give you some story about food food and food. because i love to eat. so i'll share about cooking recipe or some food i had tried.

in vacationing, you can guest.
it is all about vacation,holiday,and have fun.

so, i hope you all enjoy those 2 new labels.
stick with my blog,