Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SEAFOOD time !

new post(again) with the pamiilicious label.

okay,today i had dinner with my friend. i know, i shouldn't have eaten food after 5 pm because of my diet. but today i broke the rules. haha

anyway, after waiting for 1 hour, finally i met my friend.
we had dinner in one place in jalan TBS.
the place called HDL SEAFOOD.
yups, we ate seafood, thanks to mumu,tiara,koji,nisa,naibil who have asked to come with you.

mmm, hdl ?
the place is quite big but very crowded. so if a lot of people eat there, we have to wait about 20 minutes, but RELAX, we can order first before we get a table.

so, we ordered a lot of food ! there are UDANG SAUS PADANG,CUMI ASAM MANIS,and KERANG SAUS TIRAM.

mmm, sound yummy huh ?

lucky guest. it's DELICIOUS !! it is so good for a place that stand in kaki lima :)

i give you some picture so you can imagine the taste of our seafood.

kerang saus tiram

the first food that came to our table. mmm, you can see the picture,can't you ?
it is so delicious...
but it's so hard to open the clam..hehe
you have to pay about 35.000 idr for this beautiful clam. not to expensive right ?

udang saus padang :)

oh yes yes YES ! FYI, i quite don't like a shrimp,but from all 3 food, this is my favorite ! haha.

at first, i thought its so SPICY !! because the name "saus padang".
but guest what ?

it is spicy but it so GOOD ! 2 thumbs up !
if you come to this place, you have to order this food.
you won't REGRET !!

the price ? only 35.000 idr.
expensive ? BUT worth it !

cumi saus tiram

one word : GOOD.

i can't tell a lot because i didn't eat so much.

price : 20.000 idr

kepiting saus tiram.

okay, i came tho HDL with my sister and my mom too.
they ordered this.

and lucky me, i tasted it.

it's so yummy :)

but 80.000 idr for crab ?
quite expansive..

but so far, i like it.

i think, if you come to bandung, don't forget to come to HDL in jalan Taman Cibeunying Selatan near Rumah Nene. HDL operated from 5pm.
you won't regret about the quality and taste of their seafood.

happy EATING you all.


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