Thursday, May 21, 2009

new LABEL !

hello, i'm back :)

yes yes yes, finally, i write this post and now i want to inform you all, that i have new LABEL ! yeah !

so why are you so excited with this new label ?

okay, first. I love FASHION.
all about fashion stuff.
start from clothes,dress,pair of fancy shoe,skirt,etc.

so from now on, i add the FASHIONstuff label.
yeah !
I'll be happy to share my fashion things for you all.

if you ask the reason ?

because i am insipired by this blog and this cutie blog.

and if you all realize, yes,i do wear a VEIL.
that's the difference with all fashion blog. i am using a veil or jilbab and i'm so proud about this.
because i know, there are lot of girl who wear a veil that can't be so expressive with their style. haha.

so enjoy with my new label,


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