Friday, May 15, 2009

Bienvenue et welcome !

hei !!

okay okay, settle down-settle down.

ladies and gentlefish !
good day everyone, one word to you all : WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG.

bienvenue a mon blog tout le monde :)

so where should we start ?
mmm.. okay maybe one of you start to full your pink brain with this question: WHO are YOU ?

haha, okay i will introduce my self (elementary school's style)
HELLO,my name is PALOMINA CAESAREA NURHASANAH. BUT YOU CAN (ops, forget to turn off the caps lock button) call me P-A-M-I ! yes,you right,pami.
i'm 17 years old and I'm student,senior years, YEAH !
that's it i think.

can you tell me what's the reason you make this blog ?

mmm, some of you maybe had read my previous blog ( ) yes it is. i'm the same girl who write that.
the reason why i choose to make this blog are, first : I WANT to improve my english and french badly.
so in this blog, i will post in English and french,but mostly french ( i hope,haha)
second reason : i want globalized my blog. yeah, i want everyone from all over the country can read my blog.

by the way, about inside of the blog, is the post as same as your first blog's post ?

yes it is.
i just translate the post into french or english,like i said i want to improve my capiblity in both language badly.
but i will post something different in here. new posts, new labels,new stories of my fabulous life.

last word ?

hey, if you read my blog, and you speak english, just share your thought in english !
et vous ! si vous parlez francais, juste envoyez votre commentaire en francais, i'll be happy.

by the way, if you found something weird about the word, just open google translation and use it.
because i know,my English and french not so good.

but hey !i'm still learning !

donc, j'espère que vous pouvez apprécier mon blog

thanks you et MERCI BEAUCOUP :)


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